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Find below the 6 best tours packages baked based on the experience of 15 years and feedback from +5000 clients. Any part of the itinerary can be tailored – travel activities, number of days, level of accommodations, transport and destinations….

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With +16 years experience and more than 5000 happy travelers from all over the world, Zayan Travel stands as the Leader in private Morocco tours packages & luxury vacations.

Combining our know-how with your personal profile, needs and budget, WE are all about crafting Private Tours of Morocco & personalized travel experiences beyond expectations.

Our private Hand-picked English-speaking tour guides, private A/C cars with a licensed driver and 24/7 in country support all the way ensure you to enjoy the REAL AUTHENTIC MOROCCO.

6 Reasons Why Zayan Travel is The Leader Of Private Morocco Tours

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  • +16 years experience

    Count on our expertise and knowledge of Morocco. Our Native Moroccan experts take the hassle out of your trip

  • +5000 Happy Groups

    For over 16 years, we have created amazing memories about Morocco for thousands of travelers. Certainly we will do same with you

  • Private, Flexible, Personal Service

    Customized tours packages by natives who know what the travel guidebooks and group tours don't

  • Authentic and Local experiences

    Travel Morocco the original way. No Touristy Travel, you travel only like locals

  • 24/7 Ground Support From locals

    No Stress, No hassle, which gives you, complete peace of mind for the entire trip

  • Financial Security

    Fraud protection allows you to book your tour with confidence

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Olga Gorodetsky
If I could leave more than 5 stars for Zayan Travel, I would - because this travel company provides truly excellent customer experience. It is clear that the owner - Younes - is the driving force in providing an impeccable travel experience. Younes was prompt, clear and delightful to communicate with! He built trust with me quickly, which made finalization of all the details simple, and the rest of the experience easy and fun. (Younes replies to emails within hours and to what’s up messages within minutes.) Younes even bought us delicious dinner in a very modern Riad in Marrakech, as a welcome gift - not expected but so much appreciated!!! Truly a 5 star experience!

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Luxury Vehicles With Experienced Moroccan Private Drivers / Guides

As part of our customized packages, Zayan Travel offers chauffeured luxury cars service with personal private drivers. All our cars are officially registered and meet the insurance and other legal requirements for private transport. Putting special attention to travelers’ satisfaction, all our drivers and guides are Hand Picked and entitled with a professional license insuring you have the best travel experience possible.

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Comprehensive Information About our Private Tours Service

At Zayan Travel, we receive lots of queries regarding traveling to Morocco all the time. For this very reason, we have compiled this comprehensive FAQ list so you can have a clear insight into the way our Morocco tours work and how you can make the most out of your sweet escapade with us!

We request you to go through each of these so you can make a better decision whether or not we fit your needs and aspirations. Also, feel free to get in touch with us and drop us an email for any of your queries without hesitation!

  • chevron_right What type of tours do you arrange?

    At Zayan Travel, we arrange private as well as custom trips for worldwide tourists. We design a highly personalized tour to fit the unique preferences, travel dates and travel style of each of our valued guests. We offer flexibility in our trips and shape them in a way to solely cater to your personal wishes, giving you the most extraordinary experience of your lives!

    Our team strives hard to make the best use of your time by incorporating independent exploration with pleasant guided tours when needed. This way, you could explore some remarkable destinations on your own and use your guide or driver whenever needed.

  • chevron_right What type of transportation do you utilize for your tours?

    For most of our private tours, we use Hyundai H1 and new Mercedes Vito minivans. These vans are capable of carrying more than five adults easily. In case of a group of six or above, we make use of minibuses, which carry 12-17 individuals easily. For more hard-to-travel or faraway regions (and for certain routes), we make use of the new Toyota Landcruiser 4x4s.

  • chevron_right Is my guide and driver the same person?

    We operate a little differently from other Morocco tour companies. Owing to our years of experience in the travel and tourism field, we have achieved a balance amidst the tour guides and drivers that we feel best complements your trip. In essence, your driver is not there to only drive the vehicle but to do a lot more than that. He is hosting your tour and is someone on whom you can rely. We believe that our drivers are the best you will find in the entire country. In order to make sure you have a pleasant experience, we have recruited the finest drivers for you. Many of them are advanced English degrees holders.

    Not only do they ensure a safe trip with their excellent driving skills, but also respond to those cultural questions that you may ask. Our elite drivers will lead you throughout your visit to local and cultural areas, giving you an impeccable tour experience. We have located our guides in the regions where you will require them the most.

    Our expert city guides in Marrakech, Fez and Rabat will be there for you for at least a day to reveal the prehistoric medinas and its enchanting tales. In other regions, our local regional guides (we name them coordinators in some scenarios) will be there for taking you into their villages, sharing their homes, and enlightening you regarding their region in the state. By creating this balance, we make sure to provide you with the assistance of our experts when required and ample time to explore independently when feasible and worthwhile.

  • chevron_right What expenses come along with my private driver?

    The private driver’s cost is all-inclusive, with the exclusion of his tip which not mandatory, but we strongly recommend to tip whenever you feel happy with the service. Our trips include the food, tolls, fuel, accommodation, and the costs of your driver during his stay with you. You will be able to avail the services of your driver during the free days as well. A few days before the trip, we will provide you with the name and contact information of the driver, so you can contact him in case you face any troubles finding him.

  • chevron_right What kind of vehicle will transport me?

    You will be traveling in a 7-seater van with us, which is just like the Mercedes Vito or the Hyundai H1. They can spaciously hold your luggage and make your drives, no matter short or long, comfortable. In the case of a group of 6 tourists or more, please contact us so we will arrange a larger vehicle as per your requirement.

  • chevron_right Will my driver be able to communicate in English?

    Yes. All of our drivers speak English fluently, so you will feel no barrier while communicating with them. In case you need a Spanish or French-speaking driver, feel free to contact us.

  • chevron_right Is arriving at the same time necessary for all the participants of the tour party?

    No, arriving on the same day but at different timings is totally fine. The regular driver will pick both the parties up or you can also organize an airport transfer. Our recommendation depends on the timing of arrival of both parties. In case one of your tour members is coming on an entirely different day, you can discuss this matter with us so we can rearrange the itinerary to suit your liking.

  • chevron_right Am I allowed to become a part of a Moroccan group tour with you?

    We used to arrange group trips at the beginning of our Moroccan tours. However, we do not serve departure dates to Moroccan group trips at present. Once in a while, we do team up a single tourist with another and we encourage solo tourists to come in contact with us. Nonetheless, it does not happen that often. Although it is possible for you to travel solely, it can be a bit costly. Nevertheless, we are open to facilitating solo tourists since a huge number of happy solo adventurers accompany us to Morocco excursions annually.

  • chevron_right What does the booking process take in?

    For initiating the process of reservation, you have to deposit $500 per head, which is non-refundable. We start reserving transportation, hotels and other ground arrangements after receiving the deposit. Subsequent to the completion of the reservations, we send you a copy containing information about the hotel as well as covered expenses for verification. Total payment is due 60 days before arrival. After the complete payment has been received, you will receive a packet containing the travel info as well as vouchers.

  • chevron_right What are the available options for payment?

    Once you’ve decided to take our services, you can use credit cards for payment. To accomplish this purpose, we will send you a secure link through which you can make the payment via your credit card. We work with the PayPal Company to process our credit cards. You are not required to have a PayPal account for using this service.

    We also accept a Bank Draft or CHECK in US Funds proceeded to ZAYAN Travelers that you can e-mail to our Finance department at our provided address. Bank and E-checks are acceptable in US$.

  • chevron_right What time is the best for traveling to Morocco?

    The best time for traveling to Morocco is whenever you get the opportunity to do so! In actual fact, March, April, and May are the most favorable months to explore the incredible country. Or else, you can also make your visit in September and October, which would be equally amazing but less greener than the afore-mentioned months. Together with May and October, Christmas holidays and Easter week are the busiest periods of the year.

    To visit the country during less busy yet equally worthwhile periods, the first half of June, as well as November, are favorable. In order to visit Morocco during the busiest months, our recommendation is to contact us three to six months beforehand. Catering to requests made at the last moment will be tough for us, although we will try our best to fulfill your request.

    Also, we receive queries regarding Ramadan travel in Morocco. To get more information regarding this travel period, you can freely read our Morocco Ramadan article. Regardless of those recommendations to not to travel during the month of Ramadan, our perspective is quite different in fact.

  • chevron_right How is the weather usually like in Morocco?

    Morocco is a cold and breezy country with a scorching sun! That’s the mantra to follow when touring this delightful city! The time of the year you will be visiting the country will mostly determine the condition of the weather there. Both the Moroccan climate and the landscape vary. Along the coast, the temperatures range from 25c/77f during summers to 12c/54f during winters. Nevertheless, inland temperatures can be even hotter while the Middle Atlas and High atlas’s temperatures can be even colder.

    Although Morocco is a dry land, one can expect snow in the mountainous regions and rain in the northern areas during the winter season as well as early spring. The hottest city of Morocco is Marrakesh, having temperatures in the summer that can hit 54c/13f.

  • chevron_right How about purchasing trip insurance for my Moroccan trip?

    In the modern world of traveling, having travel insurance is a good idea for your Moroccan tour. Our recommendation to you is to buy medical, interruption, and cancellation insurance covering you when there is an emergency as you travel. You will receive some insurance provider’s details recommended by our former customers for their travels after you have reserved a tour with us.

  • chevron_right Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

    Undoubtedly! It is absolutely safe to travel to Morocco. In fact, it’s considered amongst the most stable North African and Middle Eastern countries. In our Morocco travel safety resource, we describe this and a variety of other safety concerns in detail. Official governmental sites are also available from where you can get acquainted with more information regarding Morocco safety for the Canadian, Australian, UK, and the US travelers.

  • chevron_right Is a visa required for entering Morocco?

    Well, it varies. There is no need for a visa for most foreign citizens stepping into Morocco. You will fall into the same category if you hold a European, Canadian, American or Australian/New Zealand passport. Also, Singaporeans, Malaysians as well as some of Hong Kong’s passport holders do not need a visa at all. However, you do require having a visa in case you belong to some other country.

  • chevron_right What about tipping in Morocco?

    Morocco is, in fact, a tipping nation. Tipping has turned out to be a regular practice here, as travel hugely contributes to the Moroccan economy. We give you the most detailed chart for tipping in Morocco after you reserve an excursion with our organization. For the remaining, it is common to tip 10%, and don’t forget to offer a tip to your driver if he served you satisfactorily!

  • chevron_right Do I need to exchange my money prior to reaching Morocco?

    Despite the Moroccan currency (dirham) being a closed currency, some individuals can get it outside of the state, too. Although it’s fine, you will have to pay a lot more if you exchange the currency outside of the country. The best way to get Moroccan currency is via automatic bank machines (ATMs), which you will easily find everywhere in Morocco.

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