Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Welcome to Zayan Travel. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices in collecting, using, protecting, and sharing the details you provide to us for an unparalleled experience during your trip to Morocco.

2. Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

Ownership and Access:
We are the sole owners of the information collected through this platform. Information accessible to us includes that which you voluntarily furnish, be it via email, forms, or other direct interactions. We respect your trust and guarantee not to sell or rent your data to any third party.
Purpose of Collection
Our principal aim in gathering your data is to serve you diligently. This encompasses addressing your inquiries, streamlining your travel arrangements, and tailoring your travel experience based on your preferences.
Dietary and Allergy Information
For some travelers, we may collect specific details, including and not limited to food allergies and dietary requirements. This information is crucial to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip.
Third-party Sharing
We uphold a strict policy of discretion concerning your information. While we do not disclose your data with any unrelated third party, certain travel logistics might necessitate us sharing specific details, particularly dietary and allergy information, with service providers such as restaurants and hotels. This is solely to facilitate necessary arrangements for your journey.
Future Communications
We may occasionally update you with enhancements to our services, exciting travel-related news, or changes to this policy. Unless you specify otherwise, we may communicate these updates via email.

3. Data Protection and Security

Your data's security is paramount to us. We employ best-in-class protective measures against unauthorized access, alterations, or undue disclosures.

Within Zayan Travel, only personnel trained in proper data handling and protection have access to your details.

4. Your Consent

By volunteering your information and endorsing our forms, you affirm the accuracy of the details and permit Zayan Travel to utilize it for the outlined purposes related to our services.

5. Updates to This Privacy Policy

This policy might witness periodic updates, reflecting operational changes or aligning with legal requirements. We urge you to review this periodically. Any modifications will be promptly updated here.

6. Reach Out to Us

For any inquiries, feedback, or concerns about this Privacy Policy or your personal details, feel free to contact us at