Terms and Conditions

We direct your attention to the following terms and conditions that govern all our brochures, correspondence, and bookings. In this document, the terms “traveler,” “travelers,” or “you” refer to individuals journeying with Zayan Travel. Meanwhile, "ZT," "Zayan Travel," "we," or "us" denote Zayan Travel LTD, a subsidiary of Authentic Morocco Travel.

Article Headings

The headings used within this document are solely for ease of reference and are not to be employed as a tool in the interpretation or definition of its content

Acceptance of Terms

The terms presented in this agreement represent the definitive, comprehensive, and exclusive understanding between the parties concerning the matters encompassed herein. Any prior discussions, understandings, or agreements, whether written or verbal, are superseded by this document.

By paying a deposit to Zayan Travel, you acknowledge your acceptance and commit to adhere to these terms.

Beneficiaries and Delegation

This agreement is intended to favor and obligate both Zayan Travel and the participant. It will be binding on and advantageous for their respective inheritors, lawful proxies, beneficiaries, and permitted successors and transferees.


Being anchored in Morocco, Zayan Travel accepts payments in either US dollars or Euros. The prevailing exchange rate at the time of the transaction will be applied.

Individual travelers desiring a private room for the duration of their journey will be subject to a single supplement fee.

Booking Your Journey

A reservation deposit of US $750 per person is required for each trip. This deposit can be made via credit card or bank transfer. Your deposit acts as a confirmation of your agreement to these Terms and Conditions and grants us the authority to initiate the reservation process and incur relevant expenses on your behalf.

Settlement of Balance

The outstanding balance for your trip must be cleared 60 days before your arrival. Should you permit, we can automatically charge the due balance to your credit card when it matures. If the balance remains unpaid by the stipulated deadline, we hold the discretion to annul your trip, and our cancellation policy will be invoked.

Cancellation Policy and Refund Structure

To initiate a cancellation, travelers are required to communicate their intent in writing to Zayan Travel as promptly as possible. Kindly draft a formal notification, inclusive of the date, your name, and signature, and send it to our official email.

We acknowledge the receipt of a cancellation based on the working business day it reaches us, which excludes both US & Moroccan public holidays, rather than the day it is dispatched or verbally conveyed.

Should any traveler, family, or travel group that has scheduled a journey with Zayan Travel decide to withdraw, the subsequent cancellation fee structure will apply, based on the time frame leading up to the in-country commencement of our services:

  • 61 days or more: Full forfeiture of all initial deposits.
  • 46-60 days: Loss of initial deposits and 50% of any subsequent payments made.
  • 45 days or less: No refund; 100% of the tour cost will be retained.

Termination of Trip & Refund Limitations

If a traveler opts to depart from an ongoing trip for any reason, Zayan Travel holds no obligation to refund any amount. There will be no compensation for any unutilized components of a tour, encompassing but not restricted to meals, transportation, accommodation, sightseeing excursions, or trekking activities. This is applicable irrespective of the reasons leading to such non-utilization, be it weather-induced disruptions, terrorism, civil unrest, personal exigencies, health-related emergencies, or any other unforeseen scenarios that lie beyond our influence.

Zayan Travel disclaims responsibility for airline tickets, missed flights, or any disturbances to your broader travel plans or arrangements. Given these stipulations, we emphatically recommend travelers to secure trip cancellation and interruption insurance upon finalizing bookings. This insurance typically provides coverage for cancellation penalties under specific circumstances.

Postponements and Date Changes

Zayan Travel does not accommodate requests for tour postponements. Electing to change the date of your tour is treated equivalently to a cancellation followed by a rebooking, and all standard cancellation fees are imposed.

In light of these conditions, we firmly advocate for the procurement of cancellation insurance. Prior to making your booking, assess potential unforeseen variables, such as personal health issues or those of family members, and any other unpredictable factors that might influence your travel plans, and make an informed decision.

Adjustments Due to Group Size Reduction

In the event of a cancellation by one or more members of a private tour party, there will be a recalculated cost per person to facilitate the tour for the diminished group size. This revised cost will be determined by your Zayan Travel sales representative. The increased expense per participant must either be borne by the remaining travelers or settled by the departing member(s).

Understanding Our Cancellation Policy

The details provided below are intended to furnish travelers with a clearer insight into our cancellation protocol. However, it should be noted that these explanations are in alignment with our previously stated cancellation policy and should not be construed otherwise.

When you finalize a trip with Zayan Travel, we initiate the reservation process by allocating guides, drivers, and other pertinent services exclusively for you. The deposits and upfront payments we receive assist us in covering these preparatory costs. Consequently, these amounts are non-refundable and exempt from any reimbursement considerations.

Within a time frame of 60 days or less to the trip commencement, Zayan Travel becomes contractually obligated to settle the full payment to all engaged drivers and guides. This commitment is vital for safeguarding their professional engagements, sustaining their livelihoods, and ensuring the stability of the volatile tourism sector with its peak and off-peak periods. This dedicated approach underpins the strong trust our drivers and guides place in Zayan Travel, setting us apart in the industry.

Furthermore, as the departure date nears, Zayan Travel also becomes accountable for payments to various other partners, including riads (distinctive Moroccan accommodations), hotels, and an array of vendors. It's worth noting that our binding agreements with these establishments, particularly riads and hotels, might carry stricter stipulations than what you might encounter through direct online bookings.

The preferential rates we avail often come tethered with rigorous penalties, especially when cancellations occur within a 45 day window.

A tour cancellation doesn't absolve Zayan Travel from the financial responsibilities tied to your itinerary. From the moment of your booking, certain contractual payments to our array of service providers, inclusive of suppliers, vendors, drivers, guides, and staff, are obligatory. Furthermore, specific regulatory levies are also due post-haste. As the threshold of 45 days approaches, Zayan Travel would have allocated the entirety of the funds dedicated to your trip, leaving no scope for any reimbursements.

Security & Contingency Cancellations

Safety First
Zayan Travel prioritizes the safety of its travelers above all. We retain the discretion to halt any tour, at any juncture, should we deduce that the well-being of our travelers might be at risk. Although such occurrences are rare, events beyond our control such as looming wars, riots, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, natural catastrophes, nuclear incidents, extreme climatic conditions, or fires may compel us to modify or revoke your tour. In the improbable event of such enforced alterations or cancellations, we pledge to reimburse the full amount you've paid, with the exception of any irrevocable payments made to our local associates.
Behavioral Protocols
Zayan Travel also asserts its right to cancel a tour if any client is discerned to be involved in unlawful pursuits, encompassing but not limited to political activism, espionage, narcotics, or engagement in illicit activities.

To safeguard your travel investments against unforeseen complications, we fervently advise the acquisition of CANCELLATION insurance.

Responsibility for Travel Documents

It is imperative for travelers to understand and acknowledge that they bear the sole responsibility for procuring and maintaining all necessary travel documents. This includes, but is not limited to, passports, visas, vaccination records, and any other entry prerequisites for each destination on the itinerary.

Zayan Travel is hereby absolved of any obligation to verify, inspect, or guarantee the validity, appropriateness, or completeness of such documents and the safety or security conditions at any point during the proposed travel.

Luggage Considerations

While Zayan Travel endeavors to support and assist travelers throughout their journey, it is imperative to note that we do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to personal baggage at any juncture of the trip/tour. Travelers are encouraged to consider insuring their luggage as a precautionary measure against potential mishaps.

Liability Disclaimer

Zayan Travel operates with a commitment to providing excellent service and memorable experiences. However, there are inherent risks and circumstances outside our control for which we cannot assume responsibility. Specifically, Zayan Travel is not liable for damages experienced by clients due to the following reasons or their equivalents:

  1. Unpredictable events such as natural disasters, wars, civil unrest, and any adjustments or cancellations to the tour itinerary arising from these.
  2. Mishaps like fires or accidents related to transportation or accommodations leading to changes or cancellations in the planned itinerary. For such unforeseen events, travelers are advised to consider travel insurance.
  3. Injuries or accidents that transpire during personal free or leisure time.
  4. Cases of food poisoning.
  5. Instances of theft or robbery.
  6. Delays, interruptions, route modifications related to transport, which result in changes to the tour plan or curtailed time at destinations.
  7. Any other circumstances that lie beyond the proactive measures and control of Zayan Travel.

For comprehensive protection against the unpredictable nature of travel, travelers are advised to procure relevant insurance coverage.

Addressing Concerns & Feedback

Should you encounter any issues or feel that certain aspects of your tour don't align with your expectations, or if you believe that ZT or any of its associated vendors or suppliers have not delivered as promised, it's imperative that you inform us immediately. You can reach out to our local tour coordinator or guide on-site so prompt action can be taken to rectify the concern.

To ensure the efficacy of potential remedies and to be eligible for any compensation, issues must be reported while you are still on the tour. Delayed reporting or failure to voice your concerns during the trip could diminish or nullify your entitlement to claim compensation from ZT.

Additionally, if you decide to make any unilateral changes without adhering to the aforementioned procedure, any costs that arise due to those changes will be your responsibility, and you may also forgo any potential refunds.

Hotel Reservation Modifications by Client

At times, clients may choose to modify hotel reservations. If such a scenario arises, Zayan Travel must be duly informed, and if requested, will offer assistance in facilitating the change. The following conditions apply:

  1. Zayan Travel-Managed Change: If Zayan Travel orchestrates and bears the cost of the new reservation, the client will be responsible for:

    • The cancellation fee imposed by the initially booked hotel.
    • The disparity in the accommodation costs as evidenced by invoices received at our office.
    • A booking service fee of $15.
  2. Client-Managed Change: If the client independently arranges and pays for the new hotel:

    • The client will receive a refund equivalent to the amount recouped from the initially booked hotel, subtracting any cancellation charges.
    • Failure to duly notify the first hotel in accordance with its terms might result in forfeiture of any refunds.
  3. Uninformed Changes: If a client modifies hotel reservations without notifying Zayan Travel, the initial reservation costs become non-refundable.

Missed Connections

There may be instances where a flight or ferry connection is missed due to delays or late arrivals at the departure point. In situations where the client has not communicated their departure details to Zayan Travel, the company holds no liability for any inconveniences or losses resulting from the missed connection.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Zayan Travel retains the authority to make modifications or updates to these terms and conditions as and when deemed necessary. Updated terms and conditions will be made available on our official website at www.zayantravel.com. Any modifications will become effective 10 calendar days after their publication on ZT’s website. To stay updated with our most recent terms and conditions, we encourage you to periodically visit our dedicated page at https://zayantravel.com/terms-and-conditions

Medical Emergency and Evacuation Plan

Zayan Travel is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of its travelers. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, we have established a detailed action plan:

1. Immediate Medical Care:
Our priority is to ensure that the affected traveler receives prompt medical attention. We will swiftly arrange for transportation to the closest reputable clinic or hospital. We have an extensive directory of medical facilities across various cities and regions in Morocco, and we also refer to the list maintained by the US Consulate.
2. Decision Making in Critical Situations:
Should a situation arise where the affected individual is incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions, the responsibility may fall on a family member, an emergency contact, a travel companion, or, if necessary, Zayan Travel. Our trip policies grant us the authority, without liability, to make these decisions and liaise with your insurance provider as required. Most insurance companies have specialized medical departments for immediate consultation in emergencies.
3. Medical Evacuation:
If the situation demands that a traveler be evacuated from Morocco for medical reasons, the process will be initiated by an in-country physician. The traveler's insurance company will coordinate with their global partners for the evacuation procedure. However, should there be any delay or inefficiencies from the insurance provider's side, we will collaborate with Flight Serve UK, which specializes in organizing medical evacuations from Morocco to the nearest appropriate European city. In certain situations, travelers from the US or Canada may be transported back to their home country for better treatment. Using commercial airlines with the necessary medical facilities onboard could be an option to manage costs. It is crucial to understand that any medical evacuation must be paid in full either by the traveler or their insurance provider before the evacuation commences. Without proper insurance, the cost can escalate rapidly, often exceeding $5000 per hour.

For this very reason, we strongly emphasize the importance of having comprehensive travel insurance to cater to unforeseen incidents and to ensure a seamless response during emergencies.

Photography Agreement

When you embark on a journey with Zayan Travel (ZT), it's a visual experience, and we believe in preserving these memories. Here is our policy concerning photographs:

1. Rights and Ownership:
By participating in our tours, you grant ZT the right to copyright, use, re-use, and reproduce any images, photos, or videos that you might share with us. Additionally, photographs or videos captured by our guides or other travelers that include you, either as an individual or part of a group, might also be used by us.
2. Medium & Purpose:
We retain the right to use these visuals across various mediums, which include but aren't limited to print, electronic media, and the Internet. We do this without charging any fees and without the obligation to allow you to inspect them beforehand. Our primary intention behind this is to promote and publicize our global travel products and services, showcasing real experiences of our travelers.
3. Opting Out:
We respect personal choices. If you wish that any images or videos of you, taken during the journey, are not used by us for any purpose, please let us know. All you need to do is inform us in writing before the commencement of your trip, and we will honor your request.