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Diane Robertson
Diane Robertson

Austin, TX - Feb 25 , 2024

You can't really go wrong with Zayan!

My husband and I had a wonderful 2-week trip to Morocco's imperial cities, the desert, the Atlas mountains and Essaouira. Everything about this trip was amazing! It was our first time visiting North Africa and Middle East.

Elaine did an amazing job arranging this unforgettable adventure. With her extensive knowledge of Morocco, she guided our itinerary choices, connected us with outstanding local guides, and consistently ensured our trip was running seamlessly.

Of note was our visit to the Women's Museum in Marrakech, a night spent with a Berber family in the Khenifra region, and enjoying a cup of mint tea with a family in their cave home in Bhalil. Thanks to Elaine's passion for Morocco's people, landscapes, and culture, our trip was nothing short of spectacular.

I highly recommend Elaine and her team to anyone interested in experiencing the diverse and fascinating country of Morocco, its cultural immersion, and the warmth and joy of its people.

Hannah Katz
Hannah Katz

San Francisco, CA - Feb 03, 2024

A Tailored Tour with a Top-Notch Guide

We were a group of three ladies and had the most incredible time of our lives, all thanks to Judith' amazing arrangements. The guesthouses we stayed in were not only comfortable but had an amazing and unique atmosphere. Hicham was extremely knowledgeable and safe driver.

The local guides at each city were a true highlight of our trip and greatly enhanced our experience.

The only disappointment of our trip was the cancellation of our Balloon trip due to unfavorable weather conditions. However, Judith quickly and efficiently took care of processing the refund for us on the same day.

Richard Carnegie
Richard Carnegie

Johnstown, PA - Jan, 14 2024

Terrific Trip to Morocco!!

AZ, our guide and constant companion throughout the trip in Morocco, truly made our experience unforgettable with his friendliness, punctuality, extensive knowledge about Morocco.

Judith's responsiveness, care and personalized touch was remarkable. Initially, we considered a pre-arranged tour listed on their website, but it evolved into a customized experience tailored specifically for us. The selection of destinations and activities, the caliber of the boutique hotels, and the expertise of the guides all contributed to making this trip incredibly special.

We've told so many people about our wonderful trip and everyone wishes they could have joined us. We especially miss the delicious fresh orange juice every morning. Something about Moroccan oranges makes the taste so much better :)

David Goldman
David Goldman

Washington, D.C. - Dec 28, 2023

An Unforgettable Adventure in Morocco

Our experience with Zayan on our Morocco trip was outstanding. They provided excellent support in arranging our 12-day journey, from tours to accommodations, and offered exceptional service throughout

Our driver Hisham was prompt and reliable, the riads were exceptional, and the local guides were knowledgeable. Elaine, our travel specialist, provided valuable insights and comprehensive information knowledge about Morocco that made our trip truly special.

A highlight was our night camping under the desert stars, surrounded by the serene vastness of the Sahara, which was magical beyond words

As a seasoned traveler, who typically avoids tours, I highly recommend Zayan for anyone planning a trip to Morocco.

Cindy Eagleman
Cindy Eagleman

San Francisco, CA - Dec 06, 2023

Celebrating The Wonders of Morocco With Zayan!

Thank you Elaine for an absolutely incredible tour! The ladies and I enjoyed learning about the Kasbah Amridil - Ali is a wonderful guide, knowledgeable and very personable.

Visiting his village and his cousin's family was an experience we will never forget.

From watching how bread is baked to enjoying a truly exquisite meal with his family (they were all warm and welcoming) it was one of the true highlights of our trip.

Thank you so much (and thank you to Ismail too) for arranging this very special and meaningful trip, I appreciate it so much!

Leah Rosenberg
Leah Rosenberg

Los Angeles, CA - Nov 23, 2023

Amazing well planned 10-day trip with Zayan!

Traveling to an exotic and unfamiliar country with a family of 8 presents its unique set of challenges. However, our experience with Zayan was exceptional. Majid, our driver was a wealth of knowledge about Morocco.

He exuded a sense of joy and patience that was contagious, his flexibility and warm demeanor made every moment enjoyable. His care and attentiveness ensured we were never overwhelmed or stressed, providing a feeling of safety and security that enveloped us throughout the entire trip. This level of care transformed our adventure, making it fun and enjoyable.

His joyful and patient demeanor made every moment enjoyable, and his flexibility ensured a stress-free trip. His care and attentiveness provided a sense of safety that enveloped us throughout. This level of care transformed our adventure into a fun and enjoyable experience.

The itinerary was meticulously planned, covering all the essential destinations—from Marrakech's bustling markets to the stunning desert expanses. The accommodations were outstanding, complemented by delicious local culinary delights (we particularly loved the Pastilla chicken and Harira soup).

Sarah Feldman
Sarah Feldman

Seattle, WA - Oct 17, 2023

Fantastic tour of Morocco with Zayan and Majid

The itinerary was meticulously planned, covering all the essential destinations—from the bustling markets of Marrakech to the stunning expanses of the desert. The accommodations were outstanding, complemented by a selection of local culinary delights that were a constant pleasure (we particularly loved the chicken pastilla and harira soup)..

Importantly, our children were engaged and delighted throughout the trip, making it a truly pleasurable experience for all our family members.

Elaine and Majid's commitment to excellence truly made our trip unforgettable. We highly recommend Zayan to anyone in search of an exceptional Moroccan experience.

Linda Topal
Linda Topal

Chicago, IL - Oct 05, 2023

A Trip for the Books!

Choosing Zayan for our private tour across Morocco was undoubtedly the best decision we made. From the beginning, Judith and her team demonstrated utmost professionalism and attentiveness, ensuring every aspect of our trip was meticulously organized for a truly memorable experience.

The accommodations they selected were a perfect blend of Moroccan charm and luxury, each one offering a deep dive into the culture, beautifully complemented by exceptional dining experiences that introduced us to a rich variety of delectable Moroccan cuisine.

Our 13-day tour was beautifully anchored by our driver and guide, Ismail, who greeted us with a warm welcome at the Casablanca airport. His deep knowledge of Morocco and its traditions enriched our trip immeasurably, with insightful anecdotes and historical context enhancing our daily explorations.

Ismail was more than just a cautious and competent driver; his priority was our comfort and safety all times. His cheerful disposition and flexibility brought a delightful dimension to our travels, making each day an eagerly anticipated new adventure filled with laughter and joy.

He thoughtfully chose the best restaurant seats for scenic views and even organized a memorable visit with a local nomad family in the desert. We eagerly awaited each morning, knowing it meant further exploration with Ishmael and more of his engaging humor.

We wholeheartedly recommend Zayan Travel, and Ismail in particular, for an unparalleled travel experience from start to finish.

Morocco, with its mesmerizing landscapes and warm-hearted people, has etched a lasting impression on our hearts, and we are deeply thankful for the precious memories created with Zayan.

Rebecca Hoffman
Rebecca Hoffman

Miami, FL - Sept 22, 2023

An Exceptional trip with Zayan!

My husband and I had the pleasure of exploring Morocco with Zayan, and oh, what an unforgettable trip it was!

From the very begnning, Elaine was our contact, guiding us seamlessly through the planning process. She was always available to answer our questions and offered advice that truly catered to our tastes and interests.

The itinerary Elaine crafted for us was nothing short of perfect, taking us around the country to breathtaking destinations that left us in awe at every turn.

Our journey was made even more memorable by Hisham, our driver. His deep knowledge of Morocco and his genuinely warm demeanor enriched our experience beyond measure. The places we stayed were a perfect blend of comfort, opulence, and authentic Moroccan charm, particularly Riad Kniza in Marrakech.

Thank you once more for an enchanting journey. A special shoutout to Hisham for exceeding expectations. I will be more than happy to recommend your family-run company to others.

Bill Dodson
Bill Dodson

Long Island, NY - Jun 19, 2023

Fantastic Trip with Cherished Memories

Recently, we enjoyed a fascinating journey through Morocco, guided impeccably by Zayan. From start to finish, our experience was nothing short of fantastic. Elaine Finkelstein, our tour organizer, left no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspect of our trip was well-organized and tailored to our needs.

Ali, our driver, was indeed an amazing person. His passion for Berber culture, combined with his endless patience, turned him from a skilled guide into a friend we now hold dear. The highlight of our unique journey came when Ali invited us to a delightful dinner with his family in Marrakech, an intimate experience that infused our trip with a heartwarming authenticity.

This trip with Zayan comes with our highest recommendation - a truly distinctive and rewarding exploration of Morocco.

Jonathan Becker
Jonathan Becker

Denver, CO - Jun 12, 2023

A great Moroccan experience!

In December 2023, my wife and I traveled on a marvelous journey to Morocco, well organized by Elaine Finkelstein. The trip was nothing short of amazing. Elaine was instrumental in tailoring the trip to suit our preferences, and she maintained regular contact with us to ensure everything was going smoothly. The itinerary she crafted allowed us to explore the vibrant cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Blue City, Fes, and Marrakech and the serene Sahara Desert.

For a genuine experience, we opted to stay in riads, each more remarkable than the last. Noteworthy among them were Riad Cherifa in Chefchaouen, Riad Fes in Fes, L'Ma Lodge in Skoura, and Riad Houma in Marrakech. Each of these places boasted hospitable hosts, stunning architecture, and exceptional meals.

The local guides provided by Elaine were incredibly knowledgeable and added greatly to our understanding of the places we visited. Our driver, Hisham, deserves special mention for his professionalism and willingness to accommodate our needs, ensuring our comfort, punctuality, and smooth transfer between destinations. We highly recommend Zayan Travel to those seeking an unforgettable, hassle-free Moroccan adventure.

Anne Voegtlin
Anne Voegtlin

Dallas, TX - May 27, 2023

First Class Service from Zayan

I simply cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible trip Elaine tailored for us. Every aspect of our trip was managed with professionalism, and it was evident that she was committed to making our experience nothing short of magnificent.

We chose the deluxe package, which took us on a splendid 15-day tour through the historic imperial cities, the magnificent desert, and the enchanting blue city of Chefchaouen.

Our guide and driver, Anis, was truly outstanding. His keen ability to manage our tour turned our trip into a sheer pleasure. His attentive care, keeping persistent vendors at bay, and his overall professional and meticulous approach to our wellbeing and created an unparalleled experience. His company was a delight throughout our trip.

Our vehicle, a modern Mercedes van, came equipped with Wi-Fi, USB chargers, and a continuous supply of refreshments, including cold water, fruits, and Moroccan pastries, to ensure our comfort while traveling. The accommodations were in the most luxurious riads and guesthouses, each meal reflecting the best of Moroccan cuisine, all included in our package.

Highlights of our trip included exploring the Fes Medina, immersing ourselves in the artisan quarters, experiencing Djema El Fna in Marrakech, and the unforgettable overnight stay at the Madu camp in the desert. The hot air balloon ride was an extraordinary adventure that we'll always cherish.

We are deeply thankful to Zayan for arranging such an unforgettable trip for our family.