10 Best Luxury Hotels In Marrakech

Younes Farhat

Want to discover the finest luxury Marrakech hotels?

This guide of top 10 luxury hotels in Marrakech is for you

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We have visited, stayed, and reviewed all the hotels across the city more than just once before coming up with this list of top ten luxury hotels in Marrakech

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10. Palais Aziza & Spa

The hotel bills itself as “A haven of luxury and simplicity”.

There is a list of accommodation options that you can choose from, which includes:

  • Superior rooms with plenty of space and cozy beddings decorated in Moroccan traditions.
  • Deluxe Twin with double room set and bathroom amenities such as the bathrobes and Moroccan “Babouche” slippers.

There are more luxurious and private quarters available in the Palais Aziza & Spa:

  • Junior Suites
  • Pavilion
  • Dream Villa
  • Romantic Villa
  • Garden Villa
  • Garden Pool Villa

Relax and unwind in the spa treatments, therapies or one of the bespoke detox programs at the hotel.

9. Amanjena

A 5-star hotel in Marrakech, Amanjena is all about grandeur. An ancient-style swimming pool takes you into a different timeline while realizing your most modern aquatic dreams. Vaulted ceilings and Moorish archesadorn the fine architecture of the hotel.

Its suites and maisons are no less than a palace in themselves. Inspired by the ancient architectural designs, these pavilions are a modern interpretation of century-old Moroccan buildings.

Hammam, spas, array of therapies and treatments, gym, courts, pools, terraces, and an extensive gastronomic menu ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. The friendly and attentive staff cater to all the needs with a warm and welcoming smile.

The resort offers unique experiences inside the hotel and adventurous excursions into the city and the mountains, some of which are complementary with the stay.

8. Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

Immerse yourself in the Red City of Morocco with the amenities and services of Mandarin Oriental. Lying in 20-hectare land green with olive grove and fragrant flowers, the hotel gives you an experience that is not to be missed. Located 5 minutes from the city center, this 5-star hotel caters to all your needs with a little more attention and pampering.

Depending on your taste and requirement, you can choose between villas and suites of this royal Moroccan escape. There are different villas offering varied services. Their heated pool for are your aquatic pleasures. The comfortable and spacious bathrooms come with a Jacuzzi, round bath and shower. Terrace plunge pool and dining area make for a comfortable abode.

7. Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

A 5-star hotel in all aspects, the Four Seasons Marrakech is located conveniently between the city’s old medina and the urbane Ville Nouvelle. The 16-hectare land filled with Moorish gardens and large swimming pools welcomes you abode.

The standard guest room is available with a king-sized bed and a lovely view outside. The room is spacious enough to accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child with a size of 42 sq. meter. If you crave for more space, total privacy, and separate staff at your service, then four-bedroom royal villa with a private pool is the best choice. This 452 sq. meter lodge features fireplace in the central salon to gather around and spend family time.

The resort does more than just providing a luxurious resting place. There are ‘around-the-world adventures’ like a flight in a private jet above the mountains, a getaway to private islands in Maldives, exploring the wilderness of Serengeti, and much more that the resort has to offer to its guests.

The amenities and services provided at the hotel are truly special.

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6. Es Saadi Marrakech Resort – The Palace

Located in Rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Marrakesh, Es Saadi Palace is the epitome of royalty, luxury, and comfort. From spacious rooms with inviting warmth to the casino behind the palace, Es Saadi is a host to all luxuries imaginable.

It houses one of the largest lagoon swimming pool at the disposal of your aquatic pleasures. There are also lounges, spa with treatments and hammam, furnished terraces, yoga retreats, dedicated butler and Clefs d’Or concierge.

You can choose a suite in the Palace that suits your taste the best. You can choose from the four suites offered by the hotel:

  • Deluxe Suite
  • Superior Corner Suite
  • Executive Suite
  • Junior Suite

Each suite offers different sets of services, make sure you choose only the best for yourself.

5. Selman Marrakech

Located 10 minutes from the airport and the Gueliz city center, Selman is a 5-star luxury hotel full of experiences.

The hotel offers rooms, spacious and luxurious suites, and opulent villas that are surrounded by the greenery of gardens and calm environment. This prestigious Moroccan establishment boasts pampering hospitality by its friendly and attentive staff.

Apart from its comfortable rooms is the royal well-being spa that offers several treatments to help the mind and body regain its harmony and balance. Adjacent to the spa is the fitness center with professional trainers that will target your needs and make tailor-made programs for you.

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4. Palais Namaskar

The evocative architecture mixes with the tranquility of gardens and spa collectively makes the Palais Namaskar or Namaskar Palace Hotel. With cozy rooms, spacious suites, private villas and palaces, is a luxurious getaway from the crowded city and a pleasant gateway into serenity and absolute comfort.

The villas of the hotel have private swimming pools and gardens to relieve fatigue and enjoy the quietude. The palaces have private kitchens and butler services to cater to your individual taste and favorite flavors.

There are three different types of palaces that you can choose from:

  • Pool Palace
  • Mountain Palace
  • Water Palace

Upon request, you can also ask the hotel to combine suites and rooms to create a personalized space when staying with family or a group of friends.

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3. Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech

Featuring elaborate hallways, opulent and comfortable rooms, regal suites, and attentive staff members, this hotel feels like a home away from home. You can take a spa treatment in the enclosed hammams or indulge yourself in of its eclectic restaurants and bars. You can take a dive in the 2,000 sqm swimming pool or enjoy the poolside with a refreshing and delicious cocktail.

For the ones traveling with kids, the hotel has a special Kids’ Club to keep their little ones entertained. Apart from this, there is a Fitness Center for those in love with fit and active lifestyle.

2. Royal Mansour

With an aim to make your stay at the hotel a dreamy experience that incites the most content and pleasurable emotions, Royal Mansour has earned the reputation of one of the best accommodations in the city. The grand and luxurious hotel was refurbished by King Mohammed VI himself

Located on the eastern edge of the northern old medina, this magnificent hotel offers a calm atmosphere amid the hustling and noisy lanes of the marketplace. If you are a fan of regal comforts and a true believer of ‘live life king style’ then this palatial hotel is for you.

1. La Mamounia

Located in the heart of the Ochre City of Morocco, La Mamounia is dressed in green gardens and vegetation. There are three signature restaurants in the hotel that serve a variety of delicious dishes.

The spa inside this hotel is inspired by the exhilarating Moroccan and Eastern culture. Over 80 treatments including manicure, pedicure and aromatic massages are offered in the exotic 27,000 sq. ft spa area. Apart from the traditional hammam, the Spa La Mamounia features a large indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi, 10 private rooms, 6 outdoor massage cabins, and 2 gyms.

There are a variety of luxurious suites and cozy rooms offered by the hotel. Each room is designed individually to cater unique experiences to very guest.