10 Best Luxury Riads In Marrakech

Younes Farhat

Traveling to Marrakech and want to discover the finest luxury riads around you in the city?

This is what you are going to discover in this article, our guide to Top 10 luxury riads in Marrakech.

The best part?

We have visited, tried, and reviewed all the riads across the city more than just once before coming up with this list of top 10 luxury riads in Marrakech.

The countdown begins…

10. Riad Farnatchi

Besides the usual luxurious spa and a lounge bar, the comfort-oriented details, free internet, super-spacious suites, adventurous outing, outdoor sports, and the elusive day trips are the reasons why Riad Farnatchi has proudly topped our list of best 10 riads in Marrakech.

From its wooden doors and polished-marble hammam to handmade beds of a super-spacious suite, the riad is opulent in every sense.

9. Riad Joya

Tucked into an alley in the quiet Mouassin Quarter, this classy 7-suite luxury riad has an intimate atmosphere lit with soft lighting. The riad provides free gourmet breakfast and Wi-Fi facility to ensure its guests are happy and at comfort. Upon request, the riad will organize personalized tours onsite.

Its pampering services include traditional hammams and massage rooms, spacious bathrooms with vessel sinks and claw-footed tubs, sunny courtyards, rooftop terrace, and access to private butlers.

You will be welcomed with a refreshing mint tea and tiers of Moroccan sweets. The same will be delivered again once you are back from a stroll or golden hour on the rooftop terrace.

8. L’Hôtel Marrakech

This is one of the few riads in the city that made to the Vogue and Wall Street Journal Magazines. It is located near the Jemaa El Fna square, about other luxurious hotels and in the heart of the century-old medina.

Delicious food, spa, unique furniture, textiles, lighting and a wide collection or art creates a whole another world inside the riad. Its timeless grandeur is warm and welcoming that made us feel like we were royal guests of some king.

The rooms of this riad were more than just comfortable or luxury. They were a gateway to Moroccan’s charming royalty. L’Hôtel is also available for private hire where you can spend luxury holidays with friends or family.

7. Riad El Fenn

The riad is one of the few in the medina to have a trio of swimming pools in each of its adjacent palaces. One of these pools is on the roof top. All the rooms have warm and comfortable atmosphere flourished in scented candles.

Room number 11 is the most sought-for chamber in the riad. Its marbled fireplace and private veranda make it a suite that is exotic, more private, and luxurious. The onsite spa offers the Moroccan special Saharan-sand scrub that is cleansing and a unique experience.

You can request a luxury tour of Marrakech's food markets with the hotel’s chef. But, if a walk through the streets with the aroma of mixed spices and meat is not your cup of tea, the riad’s garden has a family of resident tortoises too.

The Queen of Pop, Madona, celebrated her 60th birthday at the riad

6. Riad Noir D’Ivoire

The riad focuses to give each guest a complete unique experience, distinct from others, therefore it has every room designed individually. Noir D’Ivoire features suites with private lounge bars, fireplaces, private balconies, private roof-terraces with comfortable sunbeds, dining pergolas. The traditional Moroccan tadelakt bathrooms with Jacuzzis are another perk of the riad’s suites.

The pristine pool flanked by banana trees and a Moroccan courtyard inside the walls of the riad is in the total with what is outside the walls – a clattering and humming city.

If you are travelling with a toddler, then this is the riad you want. It offers nanny and babysitting services while you are off to the spa room. If you are a bibliophile, the riad has library too. A gym junky will find their fitness center inside the riad to continue their fitness lifestyle without a break.

5. Riad Kniza

Riad Kniza is another deluxe hotel tucked in the heart of Marrakech’s old medina. It is a product of meticulous restoration of an 18th century building

This opulent riad is popular among international celebrities and hosted quite a line of guests from Hollywood including Brad Pit, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Aniston. The list of its VIP guests also includes the former US Presidents. You could only estimate the prestige and amenities offered by the riad that draws eminent personalities from far end of the world.

It is conveniently structured at a walking distance from the famous Jema l’ Fna square, the souks and the monuments, and is a short distance from the Gueliz, the modern quarter of Marrakech.

4. Palais Khum

Located in the antique area of Marrakech, Palais Khum is an elegant riad that offers a quiet and comfortable place to relax.

The opulent riad includes large indoor pool, lounge bar, restaurant, patisserie, two hammams, two massage rooms, solarium, and a roof with sun loungers and panoramic views.

The highlight of the riad are its three spacious 30-meter2 that are styled exquisitely with all amenities including air-conditioning system, television, a dressing room, and a luxury private bathroom with shower. The riad is also a host to five twin-room junior suites, two twin-room suites that are more spacious that the junior suites and the opulent Grand Suite El Bacha.

3. Riad La Sultana Marrakech

Yet another 5-star hotel located in the medina of Marrakech, La Sultana is a gateway to luxury. Its location certainly has an advantage over other hotels nearby. La Sultana is a walking distance from the famous Jemaa El Fna square, the Saadian Tombs, the Royal Palaces and the Bahia Palace.

Apart from the comforting facilities of signature argan oil massage at the royal hammam, mint tea at the poolside, and spectacular rooftop views, the riad offers Urban Safari and Private Guided Experiences in the Red City. If you love cooking, you book a cookery course and learn how to make some of the exotic Marrakchi dishes including ‘Tajine’.

La Sultana has a seasonal menu for lunch that is served on the rooftop with the stunning view of the monuments and Atlas Mountains.

2. Riad Kheirredine

This is a 5-star luxury riad that is an oasis of tranquility and serenity. A getaway from the noisy city, the riad offers a calm ambience in the heart of the ancient medina. From comfortable, plush rooms and an elegant restaurant, the hotel offers a soothing spa to shrug off all your fatigue after touring the city.

Inside this riad is the lounge where you can stop and enjoy the traditional Moroccan tea with a book while relaxing on a soft, comfortable sofa by the pool. The panoramic view from terrace of Riad Kheirredine is a sight to feast your eyes with.

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1. Riad La Maison Arabe

The riad consists of 26 grand rooms with fireplaces and private terraces. Both the buildings of this hotel flank a swimming pool with a spacious poolside to spend your time.

The tempting spa inside it is the most luxurious spot in terms of comfort. Almost every staff member is fluent in English, which eliminates the problem of communication.

Winston Churchill and Jackie Kennedy were some of them who came to La Maison Arabe to dine. We were told that W. Churchill always took the corner seat in the restaurant.

Staying at the riad is a grand experience that is totally recommended for all.